(Beautiful Boarders)

Why Us

You’ve made the wise choice to replace your existing landscape border with safe, durable, and attractive concrete edging. Here are ten reasons why we think our service is the absolute finest on the market today:

  • When compared to our competitors, we use the thickest concrete pour available today. This means you won’t have to worry about the cracks and maintenance issues that can occur with a lesser quality installation.

  • We incorporate a steel reinforcing cable that runs throughout the center of your concrete curbing. This extra step adds incredible strength to your new curbing, which is especially important given the fluctuating climate in Colorado.

  • We utilize a proprietary concrete formula that nobody in our local market is using. This blend results in a smoother, more uniform finish, a much more durable and longer-lasting curb, and better consistency of color. You’ll also notice less efflorescence (that white, chalky buildup that can afflict concrete), and a more attractive overall look. We’ve refined our formula to deliver the finest end product available today.

  • Colorado law states that we must offer a one-year warranty as a minimum. We go one step further and double that to a full two years – and we offer a maintenance and warranty plan that delivers up to ten years of coverage!

  • We are a tobacco-free company and we’re proud of it! After putting up with contractor after contractor who would leave cigarette butts, chewing tobacco residue, and other toxins at the jobsite, we’ve instilled a hard and fast rule – no tobacco use at Beautiful Borders. Plus, we promote health and wellness activities among our employees and work hard to ensure the absolute safest working environment for all.

  • We redefine what a contracting crew can be on a daily basis. We like to consider ourselves the “white collar” workers in a blue collar field. Our company rules mandate a clean-cut crew, clean and neat vehicles and equipment, and we’ll always leave your jobsite as clean as or cleaner than when we arrived. This is a piece of pride for our employees.

  • Our installation practices have been perfected since 1992. With over twenty years to refine the concrete blend, installation techniques, and artistic elements of the job, we are ready to leave you with a lasting impression of quality.

  • We stand behind our promise: “As our company continues to grow, we will always stand behind our workmanship and maintain the one-on-one relationships that have defined the way we do business.”

  • We relentlessly focus on attention to detail, workmanship, and honesty in all that we do. As a Douglas County, Colorado-based business, we know that the reputation we build is the most powerful element in sustaining our continued growth. We’re thrilled to be able to demonstrate the pride we take in each job – at your home.

  • We like to think that we are a little different than your average concrete edging contractor. We are professional, courteous, and truly care about what we do. As a family-owned business, we demonstrate to our children that truly great companies must balance two key ideals: having the absolute best and brightest employees, and providing a product or service that is better than any other company on the market.

Beautiful Borders - Mailing Address

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Parker, CO 80134

Phone. 303-345-7869

Email. beautifulbordersco@gmail.com