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What Should I Expect

Installing concrete curbing throughout Douglas County (as well as neighboring counties!) has provided us with the experience needed to anticipate almost any jobsite variable. That said, each job is always going to be slightly different than the last, so we’ll meet with you to discuss the particulars of your specific job. Here’s a basic overview of what you can expect from Beautiful Borders, from the initial consultation to after-care of your concrete:

  • We will meet with you to inspect your yard and take basic measurements. Then, we’ll discuss your vision for your concrete curbing. We will have samples on-hand to show you some of the color options available today, as well as the stamped concrete patterns, edging profiles, and other options.

  • After the no-cost consultation we will prepare a written estimate for your specific job, and then, upon your approval, we will schedule your installation. We employ an efficient crew that does incredible work, so we’re often able to begin a job much quicker than our competitors can promise. We complete work throughout the workweek and into the weekend – so you’ll have more flexibility in scheduling than you ever thought possible!

  • To complete your installation, we will prepare the area in which the border will lie by removing landscape rocks, existing edging, some grass (if necessary), and other intrusions. This preparation time is crucial to delivering a beautiful finished product, and the owner of the company often inspects this part of the job before any concrete is poured.

  • Once it is time to begin pouring the concrete you’ll see us position our machinery into place and start to lay curbing. The concrete edging comes out rather quickly, so you’ll instantly see just how beautiful your new landscape border looks. If you’ve specified a color blend or stamped finish for your curbing, you’ll see us turn your artistic ideas into reality in mere minutes.

  • After-care for your concrete edging is minimal. Like any other concrete products, you’ll want to minimize harsh impacts as much as possible to prevent damage. Otherwise, keep your sprinklers off for 48 hours after installation, and don’t roll your lawnmower over the edging for at least seven days. Once 28 days has elapsed your concrete is fully cured!

  • If you have installed colored concrete edging, you may want to seal your edging. We can do this for you if you’d like – or tackle it yourself! Either way, it will increase the look and durability of your concrete curbing and potentially add years of life.

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