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Your home says a lot about you. The same goes for your backyard. If you’re one to entertain, making over your backyard space with classy, clever, and functional outdoor kitchen features will make your backyard the place to be. Check out these 14 ideas to get you started. And if you aren’t one for DIYing, contact us and we’ll create it for you.


A backyard bar offers a space for your family and guests to wait and socialize that is near the kitchen appliances. This means you aren’t completely separated from your guests while you’re cooking. Plus, you won’t need to balance plates across the yard when you go to serve.

This backyard feature can be customized to the style of your backyard. Outfit the space with chic or modern stools built to withstand the outdoors and you’re good to go.

Grill Station

Outdoor grill state in backyard kitchen
When deciding on the layout for your grill station, consider your own kitchen inside your home. Does your kitchen feel too small or too spaced out? This will give you an indicator of which basic layout would work best for your backyard. Pick from layouts like the L-shape, the island, angular bends, circular curves, or even a U-shaped design. Depending on the spot where you build your backyard kitchen, you may consider also installing an outdoor vent hood to go above your grill.

You can build a complete outdoor kitchen with a custom landscape design and construction company to lead you through the entire process from planning to finish.

Cozy Seating Surrounding a Firepit or Table

Your family and friends need a place to relax near your kitchen space once dinner has been prepared. This is where cozy seating surrounding a fire pit comes in. You can’t go wrong with a firepit considering you can also use them to roast marshmallows and other treats. Firepits and fire tables offer a variety of style options especially if you decide on a customized creation.

Pizza Oven

Pizza oven in backyard lounge space
Pizza ovens can add a little something extra to your backyard kitchen and can even contribute to the overall style of your space depending on the aesthetic you’re looking to create.

Maybe you don’t want to eat pizza all the time. We get that. If you didn’t know, you can cook much more than just pizza in these ovens. From bread to veggies, and salmon to steak, there are plenty of other dishes you can cook using your pizza oven.


If you plan to use your space as a prime spot for catching the game then TVs are essential. This is a choice you should make early on in the design process as you will need the proper hook-ups for cable. Also, take into consideration where your outdoor seating will be placed so you can position the TV in a logical spot.


Covering your outdoor kitchen should be a consideration from the start. Is there a good place for it under the awning of your current patio? If not, a pergola is a good stand-in. With pergolas there is still clear air-flow through the space with the added benefit of shade.

Built-In Coolers

Built-in cooler for backyard kitchen
For a more custom concrete creation, you can opt for the functionality of a built-in cooler. These are built directly into the serving space on your outdoor kitchen countertops. You’re unlikely to find these in your local big-box landscaping stores. Connect with a talented local landscape designer for custom concrete creations like these built-in coolers.

Refrigerated Drawers

Refrigerated drawers are built into the storage space of your home. Having your supplies at-hand when you’re cooking outdoors prevents the hassle of running back inside to grab more ingredients. You can match the look of this appliance to your grill to keep your space from looking mismatched.

Prep and Storage Space

Prep space in backyard kitchen
Going right along with refrigerated drawers are prep and storage space. You want your outdoor kitchen to be just as functional as the one inside your home. Plan for enough preparation and storage space to give you ample room to cook and house your utensils when not in use.

Retractable Canopy

As with pergolas, if you can’t fit your outdoor kitchen under a preexisting patio awning you’ll want to find another option from shielding it from the elements. Retractable canopies can be built into the side of your house or can be free-standing.

Having a canopy that isn’t fixed in one spot gives you the opportunity to retract it on pleasant, sunny days.


Fireplaces offer a more classic or modern feel than firepits depending on the design you go with. Smoke is directed up through the chimney and away from guests which is an added benefit of this type of fire feature. If you’re looking to add a functional benefit during the colder months, fire features provide both aesthetic and warmth to any space.

Comfy Seating Options

Comfortable seating options
Like many of the backyard features to choose from, seating comes in an overwhelming number of styles and variations. While you may spend a while searching for what fits your space, the perfect design is definitely out there.

If you don’t want to deal with pulling your backyard seating in during bad weather you can opt for built-in concrete seating. This landscape design won’t be thrown across your yard when storms strike. Plus, you won’t need to worry about replacing rusted metal chairs or worn cushions.

Fans and Lighting

Let’s not forget the essentials. It’s easy to focus on fireplaces, built-in coolers, and TVs and completely forget about the basics. Fans and lighting will make both evenings and warmer months spent in your outdoor kitchen more enjoyable. The best part is, these features can easily be tailored to the aesthetic of your backyard space.

Swim-Up Bar

Who says you can’t feel like you’re on a tropical vacation right in the comfort of your own backyard? This luxurious kitchen feature may come with a hefty price tag but it’ll be well worth it next time you have family and friends over for a party.


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