It can be difficult to decide on a new landscape design that will impress your guests but not take up all your time in maintenance tasks. Your options will vary depending on how much time you’d like to put into landscape maintenance. You can follow the upkeep required of custom ponds or enjoy the set-it-and-forget-it ease of landscape edging. When searching for landscaping ideas for Colorado homes give the following suggestions a try.

1. Flower-Lined Walkways

Flower-lined walkways are a simple and effective way to enhance your backyard space. All you need to do is decide which flowers or shrubs you’d like to grow and plant them alongside your already established walkway.

If you want to enhance your walkway even further you can add natural stone steps or concrete stepping stones to up the aesthetic appeal.

2. Spilled Flower Pots

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique you can try growing a spilled flower pot design. To do this you will need a pot or container. Layout the spot where you’ll want the flowers to “fall” out and plant the flowers in a form so that it appears they are spilling from the basket.

You can create spilled flower pots with whichever plants you prefer. This could be anything from petunias and pansies to succulents.

3. Landscape Edging

Landscape edging can be used to add that extra touch to your space. You can have concrete borders installed to give a permanent, safe solution to other options. These borders can be designed to your specification. They’re even able to achieve a completely natural stone look.

Landscape edging is not only visually appealing but also a functional addition to your space, providing a way to maintain your flower beds.

4. Hanging Flower Pots

Hanging flower pots are another way to add that extra touch to your backyard space. You can pick from different pot designs and hangers to best match the theming of your backyard. Hang them under pergolas or gazebos, or use special flower baskets that can be attached directly to a wall.

5. Topiaries

Topiaries take time to train into specific patterns. This requires clipping and trimming perennial plants into any desired shape or pattern. You can be as detailed or simple as you’d like. However, keep in mind that topiaries will require continued maintenance to create and maintain the desired shape.

6. Retaining Walls

The design of a retaining wall is meant to keep other landscape features and soil in place. These are usually made of blocks, concrete, or natural stone.

Along with retaining walls, you can make seat walls. These are similar to retaining walls but with the added benefit of providing seating for guests. Seat walls are a great way to add seating without taking up valuable floor space. These are generally built to surround your patio, creating an optimal space of entertaining guests.

7. Tiered Ladder Flower Pot Holders

Tiered ladder flower pot holders are a simple floral arrangement that only requires a few potted plants and a wooden ladder of your choice. Tiered ladders usually have two or three levels that get smaller with each step. These shelves can hold assorted potted plants.

8. Unique Garden Structures

Unique garden structures give you a chance to turn unusual items into beautiful backyard features. For example, turn an old bike with a basket into a flower box or an old tire into a planter.

With unique garden structures, you can be as creative as you’d like. Create something that you’ll enjoy looking at every day and that your guests will find interesting.

9. Living Green Walls

Green walls are often found indoors as a way to increase air quality. But you can also create them on an exterior wall or a wall created specifically to install plants.

To create green walls you can use succulents, greenery, or vines and plant them within the wall, allowing it to grow and fill in overtime.

Green wall of outdoor seating area

10. Raised Flower Beds

Raised flower beds give homeowners the opportunity to spotlight their favorite flowers. Flowers are the more low maintenance option for raised beds, but you can also use these structures for vegetable plants to grow and harvest your own produce.

11. Trellis or Arbor with Vines

You can complete a walkway or divider by including a trellis or arbor in your backyard. Both of these structures give you the opportunity to incorporate vines.

Try growing jasmine, hydrangea, or honeysuckle on your trellis or arbor. At first, it may seem a bit barren, but over time the plant will continuously grow and fill in any open spots on the structure.

12. Custom Ponds and Waterfalls

Waterfalls and ponds add an extra touch to your backyard oasis. You can even opt to add koi to your pond. These water features are completely customizable and can be designed to your taste with the help of a landscaping company. While they do require more maintenance than other landscaping options, they can make your space more peaceful and impressive to guests.

When setting up plans for a new backyard landscape for your Colorado home, get in touch with landscaping professionals who can help you design the space you’ll love spending time in.

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