Solid Concrete Borders

This is where it all started for Beautiful Borders. Our artistic styles and works of art help maintain your landscape beds by adding realistic beauty. Ditch the metal edging and inferior products. Replace them with a stylish and safe solution for children and pets. A beautiful border is one solid piece of concrete that is designed for function, and less maintenance. Choose the permanent solution with our guarantee of the finest product available.

What to Expect

Installing concrete curbing throughout Douglas County (as well as neighboring counties!) has provided us with the experience needed to anticipate almost any jobsite variable. That said, each job is always going to be slightly different than the last, so we’ll meet with you to discuss the particulars of your specific job. Here’s a basic overview of what you can expect from Beautiful Borders, from the initial consultation to after-care of your concrete:

  • We will meet with you to inspect your yard and take basic measurements. Then, we’ll discuss your vision for your concrete curbing. We will have samples on-hand to show you some of the color options available today, as well as the stamped concrete patterns, edging profiles, and other options.
  • After the no-cost consultation we will prepare a written estimate for your specific job, and then, upon your approval, we will schedule your installation. We employ an efficient crew that does incredible work, so we’re often able to begin a job much quicker than our competitors can promise. We complete work throughout the workweek and into the weekend – so you’ll have more flexibility in scheduling than you ever thought possible!
  • To complete your installation, we will prepare the area in which the border will lie by removing landscape rocks, existing edging, some grass (if necessary), and other intrusions. This preparation time is crucial to delivering a beautiful finished product, and the owner of the company often inspects this part of the job before any concrete is poured.
  • Once it is time to begin pouring the concrete you’ll see us position our machinery into place and start to lay curbing. The concrete edging comes out rather quickly, so you’ll instantly see just how beautiful your new landscape border looks. If you’ve specified a color blend or stamped finish for your curbing, you’ll see us turn your artistic ideas into reality in mere minutes.
  • After-care for your concrete edging is minimal. Like any other concrete products, you’ll want to minimize harsh impacts as much as possible to prevent damage. Otherwise, keep your sprinklers off for 48 hours after installation, and don’t roll your lawnmower over the edging for at least seven days. Once 28 days has elapsed your concrete is fully cured!
  • If you have installed colored concrete edging, you may want to seal your edging. We can do this for you if you’d like – or tackle it yourself! Either way, it will increase the look and durability of your concrete curbing and potentially add years of life.
Concrete border in yard
Why Us?

You’ve made the wise choice to replace your existing landscape border with safe, durable, and attractive concrete edging. Here are ten reasons why we think our service is the absolute finest on the market today:

  • We use the thickest concrete pour available. With our proprietary concrete mix and pouring techniques you can expect the BEST quality installation in the industry.
  • We incorporate a continuous pour of concrete with a steel reinforcing cable that runs through the center of your concrete curbing. This extra step adds incredible strength to your new curbing, which is especially important given the fluctuating climate in Colorado.
  • Beautiful Borders owns an exclusive custom concrete formula specifically designed for our environment. This blend results in a smoother, more uniform finish, a much more durable and longer-lasting curb and a better consistency of color. You’ll notice less efflorescence (that white, chalky buildup that can develop on mason products), a more rich and attractive overall look.
  • Colorado law states that we must offer a one-year warranty as a minimum. Why settle for a one or two year warranty when we provide a 5 year warranty with our borders?
  • Beautiful Borders is a smoke and drug free company and we’re proud of it! Additionally we promote heath and wellness activities among our teams and work hard to ensure the absolute safest working environment for all.
  • We redefine what a contracting crew can be on a daily basis. We inspire ourselves to be a cut above the rest. Our company rules mandate a clean-cut crew, clean and neat vehicles and equipment. We will always leave your jobsite as clean or cleaner than when we arrived. Our teams are proud to offer this service.
  • Our installation practices have been perfected since 1992. With almost 30 years to refine the concrete blend, installation techniques and artistic elements of the job, we are ready to leave you with a lasting impression of quality.
  • We stand behind our promises: Quality workmanship and one-to-one relationships that have defined the way we do business.
  • We relentlessly focus on attention to detail, workmanship, and honesty in all that we do. As a Douglas County, Colorado-based business, we know that the reputation we build is the most powerful element in sustaining our continued growth. We are thrilled to demonstrate the pride we take in each job – at your home.
  • We ARE different than your average concrete edging contractor. We are professional, courteous, and truly care about what we do. As a family-owned business, we demonstrate that truly great companies must balance two key ideals: having the absolute best trained teams; and providing a product or service that is better than any other company on the planet.
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Highest Quality

Expertly made

We guarantee the finest concrete borders in the industry from our award winning, unique artisan styles to a simple border. Our attention to detail will not be matched elsewhere.

5 Year Warranty

Peace of mind

At Beautiful Borders, we are helping put your mind at ease with a 5 year warranty on our work. Why settle for anything less?

Experience Since 1992

The professional choice

There are many reasons why the other professionals have chosen to hire Beautiful Borders over the years. Let us show you why we are simply the best!