(Beautiful Boarders)


We are not a “price by the linear foot” type of company. First, it makes no sense to have to adjust pricing to meet the final measurements – would you want to have to pay more if we adjust your curbing and add five feet to clear an obstruction? Second, we approach each job by looking at the big picture. We’ll provide a firm price quote that will not change unless we all decide to make a drastic change to your concrete edging plan.

To answer the all-important question of “how much will it cost?” – Simply schedule a no-cost consultation with us and we’ll deliver a complete and transparent price quote. We don’t quote over the phone as we don’t believe in adjusting prices after a job has started. We are centrally-located in Douglas County, so contact us today via the number listed above, or email us at beautifulbordersco@gmail.com to setup a time to meet. We’re looking forward to partnering with you to create the landscape curbing of your dreams!

Beautiful Borders - Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1201,

Parker, CO 80134

Phone. 303-345-7869

Email. beautifulbordersco@gmail.com